How to Identify A Never Trumper


It seems very odd that no matter what President Trump has done for the country, no matter how well the country is doing, and how happy most people are (with more jobs and lower taxes, etc.), Republican never Trumpers are just that. They will never be for Trump no matter what he does or what shape the country is in. Why? Because they just plain don’t like him as a President. Here are three things that never Trumpers are looking for in a President:

  • Someone who has the appearance of moral and intellectual superiority. They don’t care much about what he does for the country. It is all about appearance.
  • Someone who is part of the political establishment and who looks the part of a President in their eyes, and does what is expected of a President—who has plenty of experience in the political field.
  • Someone who has a global agenda and puts globalism before nationalism.

One statistic that I discovered that I think reveals a lot about never Trumpers, is that Mormons are the most likely group to be never Trumpers. This would include people like Mitt Romney and Jeff Flake, who both have expressed distain and disgust for President Trump.

So what is it about Mormons in general that would be against someone like Donald Trump?  Well, if we can regard Jeff Flake and Mitt Romney as a typical Mormon—and I think we can—they see themselves as morally and intellectually superior. They also think of themselves as more righteous and a better Christian than most. Hence, naturally, they, and all never Trumpers tend to look down on someone like Trump because he doesn’t meet their standards for a President. Sadly, the morality of a Mormon is highly hypocritical. Though they may think they are superior Christians, they are not Christians at all!

Another group which I have mentioned is the globalists. This would include all the Bushes. I’m sure they hate Trump because he is not a globalist—and also, I suppose, because of his behavior during the campaign, and he just doesn’t match up to their moral standards. Again, it doesn’t seem to matter what good he is doing for the country, if they see moral flaws in his character, they cannot accept him. They must have a President who has an acceptable appearance and behavior—and someone who looks good to the world.

Generally, never Trumpers see themselves as intellectually and morally superior—who are impressed with themselves. And since they see themselves this way, they think they deserve a President with the same high qualities. Also, I think they see the United States as a superior and moral country. They are embarrassed to have a president who does not act in a way that meets their high standards.

But it is all very hypocritical, very phony. They are unable to see the good intentions of President Trump and his good servant heart. They see only his past sins and his somewhat unorthodox behavior. This prideful attitude has blinded them to seeing any of his good policies. Their pride has kept them from understanding how God has been able to use a flawed instrument for a His good purpose. So sad!


To never trumper Christians:

Please, never say never, because when you do, you are closing your heart to what God may want to do. Please keep your heart open and look at what God is doing. God does whatever He wants to do. He is able to use the most unlikely person to serve Him.




About Stephen Nielsen

I'm an author, a self publisher, and a painting contractor. I live in beautiful Minnesota, USA . Welcome to my blog site.
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2 Responses to How to Identify A Never Trumper

  1. Tim Shey says:

    Some Never Trumper politicians also take money from George Soros.

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