img_8841-steve-nI haven’t thought about political things at all until recently (during this last 2016-2017 election). For some reason I have gotten caught up in Donald Trump’s run for the white House. At first I was totally against him. I was more for Rubio, Bush, or Cruz.  But when Trump handedly defeated everyone, I felt I had no choice but to get behind him.  He was much better than Hilary. And now that he is President, I am totally behind him.  Oh, I know he is kind of rough around the edges; but I think he is a real go-getter—getting things done! He is making decisions and plowing ahead like no other president in history.  And I’m beginning to think that that is exactly what America needs at this time—because we have gotten so far behind. We are so much in debt; our military is depleted; and this ObamaCare thing is terrible! I also think this country is on a fast track to moral corruption.

One of the main reasons I have started this blog is to promote more prayer for President Trump, his administration, and the country. So much prayer is needed right now, not only because of Trump’s lack of experience, but because there are so many forces against him. The President and his people are doing the right things (as far as I can see), but they are being opposed at every turn, just because people don’t like him and because he is conservative.  So far, President Trump has shown extraordinary resilience and courage; but all of us have our breaking points.

Pray for the President and his cabinet. Pray for continued strength, wisdom  and endurance.

Pray especially for all American Christians (and all Christians who are reading this blog), that we would humble ourselves and pray and seek His face (2 Chron. 7:14).


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