Urgent Prayer Needed Concerning 4 Key U.S. Government Issues


Here are four key issues that our government is faced with, which we need urgent prayer for:

North Korea. Pray that Kim will stay focused on the things that were discussed at the Singapore Summit and that he would not let anyone sway him from it. Pray for a hedge of protection around Kim so that the devil will not wrongly influence him. Pray that God will take a hold of his heart and steer him in the right direction for the good of his country, his people, and the world.

Immigration and boarder security. Pray for a good immigration plan: that we will get boarder security (with the wall) and that we would figure out how to manage those seeking asylum (legitimate protection). Pray that children would not be separated from their parents, also that bad people would not be let in.  There must be a good solution. Pray that our experts would find correct solutions and that God would help us all to agree on something.

I.G. report. Many are saying that the report is comprehensive, but from the report the wrong conclusions were made. Pray that the I.G. and others would see all the obvious bias from many individuals (like Peter Strzok), and to see the need for firings and prosecutions. Let justice be done.

Missing documents and subpoena requests. Pray that the FBI and DOJ will comply with subpoena requests and also will hand over missing documents that need to be investigated. Pray that Rod Rosenstein and Jeff Sessions will humble themselves and comply. Pray also that Devin Nunes, Trey Gowdy, and Paul Ryan will remain strong in this attempt. Pray also that President Trump will have wisdom in anything that he should do. He wants to stay out of it, but let him know the Lord’s will.

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Prayer for Safety and Wisdom at the Singapore Summit

*Please pray for the safety of American and North Korean leaders as they travel to Singapore for the all-important summit.

*Pray for open and honest hearts, and that all deception would be easily revealed and dealt with.


*Pray that God would give President Trump wisdom in what to say and what to do.

*Pray that God would open the eyes of Kim Jong-Un that he would see a better way to rule his people–God’s way.

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Let My People Go!

Please pray with me, and with the author of this post, that  the ungodly leaders of North Korea would hear God’s demand for His people to let them go. Just as the Egyptian Pharaoh let the people of Israel go after being enslaved for 400 years, God can also work in the heart of Kim Jong Un to let the enslaved North Korean’s go.

I urge you to read the rest of this post. It’s very good.

There is little doubt that President Trump knows that nuclear weapons are not the only serious problem with the leader of North Korea. Even with the difficulty of getting news, pictures and first hand testimony out of the rogue nation, enough information is available from secret sources, defectors and those who have escaped from NK […]

via God to Kim Jong Un – Let My People Go! — Inspirational Christian Blogs

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The Roseanne Barr Scenario: What We Can Learn From It – 3 Points


Roseanne is certainly a character, and bold. Sometimes she just says whatever comes into her head without regard to the consequences. In a way you have to admire her for that—for her courage and boldness and straightforwardness. But you also should recognize that she doesn’t exercise much control over her tongue. We all need to tame our tongue. An untamed tongue can get us into a lot of trouble, and Roseanne admitted that she said things that she shouldn’t have said.

Okay, stepping back a bit, let’s take a broader and deeper look at this whole Roseanne situation and see what we can learn from it. First, what does the bible say—about any of it?

1. The bible tells us that all have sinned (Rom. 3:23). And sin originates in the heart and then comes out through our speech and actions, and even our attitudes. Jesus taught this well in Matthew 5:27-28 when He taught that a man who looks with lust on a woman commits adultery with her in his heart. Thus this sin is not only the physical act but is also of the mind.

In regard to racism, I think most of us are guilty to some degree even if we don’t express it—because we may be thinking it—or even having a superior attitude. Now that doesn’t get Roseanne off the hook, but it certainly tells us that she isn’t the only racist. Most of us, or maybe all of us, are in the same boat with her. She just expresses what many of us are thinking or feeling.

2. Forgiving others is God’s way. Forgiveness and tolerance is another very important bible principle. For some reason, people find it easy to forgive some sins, but for other sins, like racism, there is no forgiveness. And I think I know why—which I will explain in point three.

But the reason why it is important to be tolerant of sinners and to forgive them for any sin (when they repent) is because the devil will use the spirit of unforgiveness against us—against those who don’t forgive, and also against the sinner. Hence, when there is unforgiveness, it will eventually lead to sorrow, bitterness and hatred—even war (read 2 Cor. 2:6-11).

In Roseanne’s case, I am not necessarily opposed to what happened to her show; however, she did say she was sorry and regrets her words. So I hope we will see some actions of forgiveness. But since forgiveness is a Christian principle, it may be asking too much. We will see.

3. People are in search of a perfect society. If you were to stop and ask yourself why we are now so intolerant to racism, I think the answer you will eventually come up with is that we are in search of a perfect society. Hence, when we look back at America’s history and see the ugliness of slavery, we can’t help but react the way we do with intolerance and with a great desire to correct our society.

But our intolerance is also a sin! And it not only has not solved the problem of racism, it has added more problems, problems of hate and bitterness.

And if we look at other groups of people, past and present, we will see the same scenario—that they have sought to form perfect societies—according to their own  ideas. One example is the Muslims. Their idea of a perfect society is disallowing all homosexuals and Christians and Jews. And their solution is to punish them and even kill them. Another idea they have is to make sure that all women have their head covered, and that they must obey their husbands in all things. And again, if they refuse they will be punished or even killed. Hence their idea of a perfect society is of a dominate male married to a subservient wife.

Another example is the idea that Hitler had—to have a perfect race. Thus he set out to eliminate all imperfect people (crippled people) and all Jews.

Americans and Europeans have ideas of a perfect society too. Our idea is to have a society that welcomes all people and that everyone will accept without question everyone’s choices of behavior, and that everyone will be nice and polite to each other and speak well of each other.

I see this more and more everywhere I go. We open doors for each other, we smile at each other, and we except each other’s dress and actions without question. The only problem is, if anyone forgets to open a door for someone this may be the cause of a fight to break out!

Here is a list of things that may be required of our American perfect society.

  • No hate speech allowed. People must not make racist comments or speak against homosexuals, Muslims, or blacks. So because of this rule we know that Roseanne will probably not get her show back or be forgiven.
  • America will welcome all immigrants no matter what they have done. And we will protect them all in our sanctuary cities. Our country is a country without walls!
  • Anyone who speaks against anyone because of their skin color, or sexual orientation, or religion (except Christianity) will be punished.

Now to be truthful according to what is absolutely true, the only perfect society will come about with a perfect and holy God in charge and according to His perfect standards. All people that trust in God’s Son and live according to His ideas and directives found in the bible, and are controlled and empowered by His Spirit will someday live in His perfect society.

But since we are living in an imperfect world, that perfect society will not be realized until all sin is gone and Christ rules over the earth and over all things. At that time and place there will be no more sin and all that people say and do will be in praise to God and with a spirit of love for all.

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More Prayers for the President and Country


Please continue to pray for the President and the country. There is so much going on now—so many important things—that require our prayers.

Pray for the North Korea situation, that God would work out His will for that country. Pray that He would do a miracle and set all the people free that are in labor camps and greatly suffering.


Pray for this countries security (the U.S.)—that the southern border would soon be secured and the wall constructed.

Pray for the soon end of the Russia investigation and that the Mueller probe would soon end. Pray also that justice would be done on all those guilty of illegal acts against our government and against the present administration.

Pray for the President: for wisdom, strength and endurance, and good health.


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Trouble Ahead for John Brennan


In a series of Tweets President Trump wrote,

“John Brennan is panicking. He has disgraced himself, he has disgraced the Country, he has disgraced the entire Intelligence Community. He is the one man who is largely responsible for the destruction of American’s faith in the Intelligence Community and in some people at the….

….top of the FBI. Brennan started this entire debacle about President Trump. We now know that Brennan had detailed knowledge of the (phony) Dossier…he knows about the Dossier, he denies knowledge of the Dossier, he briefs the Gang of 8 on the Hill about the Dossier, which….

they then used to start an investigation about Trump. It is that simple. This guy is the genesis of this whole Debacle. This was a Political hit job, this was not an Intelligence Investigation. Brennan has disgraced himself, he’s worried about staying out of Jail.”

Pray that our justice system will look into these (above) allegations by the President and take swift action.

Pray that the truth will come out about possible Trump campaign surveillance, and that any wrong doings will be soon prosecuted.

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Pray for God to Force North Korean Dictator to Let the People Go

Here are four urgent prayer requests:

  1. For the North Korean dictator to continue with the summit in June; and going forward, that God will force him to submit to His will; to denuclearize, and also to release the North Korean people, His people, from slavery—to let them go!
  2. For the Mueller investigation to end soon, even if they have not found anything against Trump. Mueller to do the right thing even if he is humbled by that decision.
  3. For the DOJ to hand over messages to Nunes without delay, even if it causes embarrassment.
  4. For the first lady Melania Trump to have a full recovery from surgery.
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Rosenstein Must Go! Mueller Must Go!


There is all kinds of stuff going on in our government that is wrong.

  1. Mueller is investigating matters outside of the scope of which he was hired for. He seems now to be wanting to ask the President questions that would entrap him. And Rosenstein is permitting it. I think Mueller just wants to keep his job as long as possible and wants the lime light. But his whole investigation is a waste of our money, and is an obstruction of justice.
  2. Congress is asking the DOJ for documents that Rosenstein is purposely slow walking. And the few documents they do hand over are highly redacted. This is clearly obstruction of justice.

The President and the country will not put up with this wrong doing much longer. Rosenstein must be impeached or fired. And Mueller must also go.

Mr. President. It is time to say…


“Rosenstein, You’re fired!”

“Mueller, You’re fired!”

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3 Prayer Requests for Justice in America

It seems that evil these days is getting worse and worse. As the Apostle Paul predicted, “But evil men and impostors will proceed from bad to worse, deceiving and being deceived” (2 Tim. 3:13). We must constantly pray regarding our country and for justice. Here are three things we can pray for:

1. For much needed confirmations. For…

Mike Pompeo for Secretary of State. He is critically needed.

Gina Haspel for a CIA Director.

Dr. Ronny Jackson for a Secretary of the Dept. of the VA.

2. For just indictments and jail time for those involved in the attempted sabotage of the 2016 Presidential election. For a quick and just sentence for…

Andrew McCabe

James Commie

Many others. Pray that all others will be found and convicted. No crime should go unpunished!


3. For wisdom and strength for a those working on the above criminality case; especially for

Devin Newness, Chairmen of the House Intel. Committee.

Michael Horowitz, Inspector General (and his team).

Jeff Sessions and Rod Rosenstein, Attorney General in the Justice Department and his Deputy.

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Prayers Needed Regarding Syria


There are multiple things we could pray about regarding Syria. Here are three key requests:

President Trump and Secretary Mattis.  Thank God for the brilliant strategy, with our allies, in striking Syrian targets. Now pray for wisdom and courage in dealing with Syria down the road. Pray that these leaders will keep the pressure on Syria, Russia, and Iran. Pray that they will be steadfast in their efforts—despite many that will disagree.

For President Trump. That God would give President Trump wisdom in how to further deal with Syria and whether he should involve congress.

Nikki Haley.  For her continued strength, endurance and protection as she boldly speaks at the UN in the midst of many enemies.


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