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Pray for Trump’s Safety as He Meets with the North Korean Dictator

  There is a lot on the Presidents table. He needs our constant prayers—for safety, strength, and endurance. Here are a few of the more important issues on his agenda. To keep our country safe from those who want to … Continue reading

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Punishment for Sanctuary City Criminals Is the Best Thing for Them

  It is absolutely wrong for Governors and Mayors to provide sanctuary for illegal immigrants, especially for those who have committed crimes. They are doing them no favors by harboring them; for it is God’s will that they receive whatever … Continue reading

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Trump: Busy Doing the Prep Work for America

  I’m a house painter. I know all about prep work. Before you can start painting a house to make it look beautiful, you have to do the prep work. And  if the house has been badly neglected—for let’s say … Continue reading

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Sanctuary City Mayors Ought To Be Put In Jail

As our Attorney General Jeff Sessions has recently pointed out, many illegal aliens are committing serious crimes like drug trafficking, hit and runs, sex acts against children, rape, and even murder, and are getting away with it; they are being … Continue reading

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