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Trump Fine Tunes His Cabinet

President Trump will continue to fine tunes his leader positions for the good of the country. *Please pray for President Trump and for all those undergoing changes. State Department:  Rex Tillerson out, Mike Pompeo in. CIA:  Mike Pompeo out, Gina … Continue reading

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Persistent Prayer Requested for America: 9 Prayer Requests

Oh, there is so many things believers need to keep praying about concerning President Trump and America. Here is a list of nine prayer requests: 1. Keep praying for Congressman Steve Scalise, that his body would continue to fight off … Continue reading

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How Should the U.S. Respond To North Korea ?

According to a Fox News report on Feb. 18, 2017, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson is saying that North Korea’s recent military action is an imminent threat to the United States and there may be a need for preemptive military … Continue reading

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