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 Emergency Prayer Needed for Trump and Country – 5 Key Requests

  There are so many important things that Christians should be praying about regarding President Trump and the country. Here are 5 issues that are critical that we need to pray about immediately. Pray that God would give wisdom to … Continue reading

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Punishment for Sanctuary City Criminals Is the Best Thing for Them

  It is absolutely wrong for Governors and Mayors to provide sanctuary for illegal immigrants, especially for those who have committed crimes. They are doing them no favors by harboring them; for it is God’s will that they receive whatever … Continue reading

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Illegal Immigrant Arrests Up 32 Percent under Trump

  According to a recent Fox News report, April 17, 2017, Illegal immigrant arrests up 32 percent under Trump Congratulations to Secretary of Homeland security John Kelly and the Police ICE team! Great Job! You are keeping our country safe. … Continue reading

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