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Five Future Events: from Now until the Tribulation

Originally posted on Studying Bible Prophecy:
? Ron Rhoads in his book The End Times in Chronological Order, seems to be quite certain of how the next steps of the future, leading up to the Tribulation, will play out. And…

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Give to him that asketh thee ‚Äď Matthew 5:42

  It was Friday afternoon. I was just finishing up my taxes for last year, when I got a call from my sister. She asked me if I would help her get her house ready for selling. I would do … Continue reading

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Starting a Blog To Pray for My Country and the World

Welcome all to my new blog! My idea for this blog is to begin thinking more constructively¬†about all the news going on, particularly in my country (the US), but also in the world. So I want to present my comments … Continue reading

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