Demonic Behavior Reveals That We Are Living In The Last Days.

This is the Red Hen Restaurant where Sarah Sanders and her family was kicked out because she works for President Trump

Ever since Donald Trump was elected president, we have witnessed in this country some really bad, demonic behavior. Actually, I think Trump’s election has revealed to us what some people are really like. We have been allowed to see the evil in their hearts.

From what is happening to people, because they are following after the doctrine of demons (1Tim. 4:1), we know that we are now living in the last days. Yes, we are seeing more and more that certain evil people are revilers (abusers, insulters), unholy (using profane and shocking behavior), brutal (ruthless, cruel, heatless), and treacherous (deceitful, false) (2 Tim. 3:2-3).

It is mind boggling that when good bills are on the table, that almost without exception, all democrats vote no. What is that? Why does that happen? It seems that they all have agreed together to resist everything, no matter what it is, just to get back at Trump. It is very childish and also very evil.

Similarly, Maxine Waters has got it in her head to not only resist everything but to try to get people to harass White House staffers wherever they may be. Also very childish and abusive, and not at all helpful to anyone.

Have you watched CNN lately? They use to be a good and reliable news organization. But no more. They are treacherous—very deceitful and false. And they have a very low rating, but they don’t care. I have to believe that they are deceived and under the control of demons.

Peter Fonda is the absolute picture of 2 Timothy 3:2-3. What he says is reviling, unholy, brutal, and treacherous. And he should be jailed for inciting violence against the First Lady and Barron Trump.

And you have heard how Sarah Sanders, Kirstjen Nielsen, and Pam Bundy have been treated by thugs—brutal!

Yes, we are indeed living in the last days, when so many are following the teaching of demons and they are being controlled by demons in their words and bad behavior.


About Stephen Nielsen

I'm an author, a self publisher, and a painting contractor. I live in beautiful Minnesota, USA . Welcome to my blog site.
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3 Responses to Demonic Behavior Reveals That We Are Living In The Last Days.

  1. JJSJ says:

    When I read 1st Timothy 4:1-5 I find additional support for your conclusion, because doctrines of demons are rampant nowadays, especially in church pulpits, at seminary lecterns, and in the leadership of many (professedly) Christian ministries. (For example, the “signs-&-wonders” pandemonium that is called the “New Apostolic Reformation”. Nowadays arrogant vulgarity, irreverence, perversion, and abuse of Scripture is often promoted and defended in so-called evangelical churches and seminaries — the list could go on and on and on.) When the “Bible belt” transmogrified into Churchianity’s empire, in places like D/FW (TX), times became perilous.


    • Thanks for your additions. It is extra troubling when bad behavior is happening in churches. We can understand it in the secular world, but to find it in the churches is very troubling.


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