Pray for Trump’s Safety as He Meets with the North Korean Dictator


There is a lot on the Presidents table. He needs our constant prayers—for safety, strength, and endurance. Here are a few of the more important issues on his agenda.

  1. To keep our country safe from those who want to shoot up our schools and kill our kids.
  2. To bring back steel and aluminum factories and jobs into our country, as he pursues fair trade practices.
  3. To keep our boarders safe. To work with the AG, to be rid of illegals and gangs and to disband all sanctuary cities and states.
  4. The President is getting ready to meet with the North Korean dictator. Pray for his safety and pray that he will be able to discern what Rocket Man is up to.
  5. Continue to pray that leaders will root out all sources of correction in our government, and pray that all criminals will soon be prosecuted.

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3 Responses to Pray for Trump’s Safety as He Meets with the North Korean Dictator

  1. JJSJ says:

    Good items to pray for! Regarding #1, may God provide us with law enforcement officers who have the competence and conscience (and guts) to respond to violent crises (regardless of whether making arrests “hurts” their agenda for Politically-Corrupt demographic statistics — unlike the multi-level debacle (of cowardice and incompetence) that occurred recently in Florida. Regarding #2, it is a national security priority that America has its own source (and quality control) for steel, aluminum, and other strategic materials — so that’s worth praying for. Regarding # 3, may God bless our nation’s recovery form its irresponsible failures to secure borders as a shield form drugs that destroy lives, as well as form wicked humans who destroy lives. Regarding # 4, may our leaders, including President Trump, be discerning and effective, in all geopolitical activities and decisions involving the Korean Peninsula. And, regarding # 5, my God work miracles of swamp-draining (and crime prosecutions) in all of our governmental entities — while simultaneously protecting those in our government agencies who actually have real integrity.

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