They Run To Do Evil – Proverbs 6:18


I recall that after the Presidential debates, I saw some of the news media run out of the debate room, as if they were eager to continue devising their next set of evil plans against Mr. Trump. And they haven’t let up. False story after false story has been reported.

Well guess what? It hasn’t let up. They are still at it. They can’t stop themselves from resisting all the president’s policies. It’s an evil that won’t go away.

I think Proverbs 6:18-19 describes well what is going on in Washington. We will take just three of those six points—things which the Lord hates.

  • “A heart that devises wicked plans.” So it is with the liberal media, and also with the entire liberal Democratic Party. They have an agenda and will stop at nothing to resist any other agenda that is not theirs. They devise all kinds of wickedness to resist and stop President Trump and his plans to MAGA.
  • “Feet that run rapidly to evil.” I think what is described here is an addiction. The more evil a person does the more he desires it and craves it—just as a dog gets the taste of sheep blood in his mouth and can’t stop killing sheep (I have experienced this living on the farm). So it is with those who plot to do evil to a person—to discredit him and make him look bad. So they run to do evil; one evil plot after another, like an addiction.
  • “A false witness who utters lies.” At this point we don’t have any solid evidence, but I wonder how many of those women coming forward against President Trump or Ray Moore are false witnesses. No, I am not will to just take them at their word. A person must be presumed innocent until proven guilty. And we must be open to the idea that these women are false witnesses. And don’t you know that the whole idea of the Democrats putting pressure on Al Franken to resign over sexual misconduct had nothing to do with any misconduct and their desire to do what is right. Rather it has everything to do with extortion against the President. It is just one of their evil plots. They have surmised that if Franken resigns, he and the Democratic Party will appear noble, and then the country will expect president Trump to do the same—to resign. But Trump won’t take the bait, and neither will the American people. 

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I'm an author, a self publisher, and a painting contractor. I live in beautiful Minnesota, USA . Welcome to my blog site.
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2 Responses to They Run To Do Evil – Proverbs 6:18

  1. Reblogged this on Studying Bible Prophecy and commented:

    In the last days “evil men and impostors will proceed from bad to worse, deceiving and being deceived” (2 Tim. 3:13).


  2. JJSJ says:

    So true. Also, the Potiphar’s Wife slander strategy was effectively used in Alabama, sad to say.

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