6 Prayer Requests Regarding North Korea

The world has been on edge since North Korea has been rapidly developing and testing it missiles with nuclear capabilities. Something needs to be done.  We  need to pray!  Here are six prayer requests:

1. That North Korea’s Goals will not be realized. North Korea continues to develop and test missiles with nuclear capabilities. It is clear that their goal is to continue developing nukes and to be a nuclear power. According to an article by Sue Mi Terry, Ph.D. at Columbia University Weatherhead East Asian Institute, entitled North Korea’s Strategic Goals and Policy toward the United States and South Korea, North Korea has three goals:

(1) The pursuit of nuclear weapons program in order to gain international acceptance of the North as a bona fide nuclear weapons state; (2) securing a peace treaty in an effort to remove U.S. forces from the Korean Peninsula; and, (3) reunification with South Korea on its own terms. These goals stated here are very brief, but we know that their main goal, being a Communist country is to continue their Communist ideals.


2. That North Korean Communist ideals would be abandoned by its people and leaders, because they would no longer be regarded as good and true, but would be seen as very evil. According to the same author as above,

…North Korea is without equal in this world—the unique political system its leaders, Kim Il-sung and Kim Jong-il have built (and one that Kim Jong-un is now continuing) is the sole Communist-Confucian hereditary dynasty and the world’s most cultish, isolated, and nationalistic nation. North Korea has a repressive, totalitarian system that keeps hundreds of thousands of its citizens confined to slave-labor camps while all others are in constant terror by the secret police and informants in their midst. It has the distinction of having gone from an industrialized state in 1945 to one where famine is a constant danger, making this the world’s only industrialized/urbanized peacetime economy that has suffered constant and persistent widespread famine. As perhaps the most militarized society in the world, North Korea possesses the world’s largest military in terms of manpower and defense spending proportional to its population and national income. It also has the most distorted economy in the world, a country that spends billions of dollars in armaments while at the same time watching its people starve. Living standards among the North Koreans citizens are among the lowest in the world (North Korea’s 2012 GDP per capita, based on purchasing power parity, estimated by the Central Intelligence Agency as 197th in the world).1 In short, North Korea is an unparalleled model of failure in contemporary history.

The highest priority of the North Korean state has always been its own survival in the face of what it perceived, and still perceives today, as an extremely hostile security environment, a perception exacerbated by the sudden collapse of the Soviet Union and its client states between 1989 and 1992. The regime also operates according to certain ideological assumptions which have not changed much since 1948. It believes that the North is the true representative of the Korean people, that the government in the South is a puppet regime backed by an antagonistic United States, that the continued U.S. presence on the Peninsula constitutes a severe threat to the very existence of North Korea, that the South Korean people (as opposed to their government) would welcome unity with their Northern brethren and would be much more sympathetic towards the North were it not for the indoctrination by their government and U.S. propaganda, and that, ultimately, the North’s position will prevail because it is morally virtuous and will gain support from the people of the North and South. These principles have led the North to assume that it must have a strong defense at all costs, given American and South Korean hostility; that this defense is not just military but also ideological, that is, the people of North Korea must be protected from any ideological infection of the U.S. or South Korean capitalism; and that continuing tension on the peninsula remains an indispensable means to both keep control of its own population and deal with the North’s enemies in Washington, Seoul, and elsewhere. (bold added for emphasis)


In short, please pray that the North Korean people and leader would see that their communist ideals are not morally virtuous, rather that they are evil—as seen by the nations poverty and by the cruel abuse and terror inflicted by its leaders.


3. For wisdom. That our leaders and Generals would see the best solutions on how to proceed with North Korea. Let us pray according to James 1:5-6.

But if any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask of God, who gives to all men generously and without reproach, and it will be given to him. 6 But let him ask in faith without any doubting, for the one who doubts is like the surf of the sea driven and tossed by the wind.


4. That all other nations would not support North Korea, but would discontinue all trade with them. Let this be a way of shaming them for their immoral practices. Since China is also Communistic, this may be difficult for them, but we must also pray that China would see that Communism is not the best way—that their system, like North Korea’s, is also very repressive and evil.

5. That the United States and our allies would be given wisdom and know how to stop North Korea from selling weapons to any other nations (like Iran or Pakistan).

 6. If it come to war, that the United States and its allies would know the best options of warfare—so that, (1) North Korea will not have a chance to fire any nuclear weapons; (2) to give us the best chance of not having many casualties; and (3) that we will be able to take out their key leaders, again, without causing unnecessary casualties. Ideally, we want to spare all the dear, abused North Korean people as well as the South Korean people.



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3 Responses to 6 Prayer Requests Regarding North Korea

  1. Damian Sharp says:

    Thanks! Is there an updated list or is this still the key areas where prayer is needed?


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