Pray for the President: for Encouragement, Humility, and Wisdom

All eyes and ears are on the President lately, to see what he will tweet next, or what he will say in a speech or briefing.

Some, perhaps many, are waiting for him to fail and be impeached. But many are also quietly rooting for him and praying for him to act with wisdom and humility.

In regard to what the President has publically tweeted about AG Sessions, all are waiting to see what will happen—whether Sessions will eventually resign, whether Trump will fire him, or whether, hopefully, they will work things out.

Much prayer is needed at this time for our President.

  1. Pray that God will speak to him, touch him, and encourage him.
  2. Pray that he would trust the Lord and humble himself. That he would seek God in every decision he is faced with.
  3. That he would listen to wise counselors. Proverbs 11:14 says,


Where there is no guidance, the people fall,

But in the abundance of counselors there is victory.


About Stephen Nielsen

I'm an author, a self publisher, and a painting contractor. I live in beautiful Minnesota, USA . Welcome to my blog site.
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3 Responses to Pray for the President: for Encouragement, Humility, and Wisdom

  1. JJSJ says:

    Well worth praying for! And our prayers need to intercede for both President Trump and his team, because good work (and wisdom) are needed by both. Some types of swamp-draining can only be done by the U.S. president; others aspects of swamp-draining can only be done by the U.S. Attorney General. Like the wall-builders doing repair/restoration work with Nehemiah, each person is responsible for his (or her) part of the wall. President Trump may be bold in leading attacks on political wickedness but his teammates must not shrink form the battle — even if it means seeking indictments of politically powerful players who were part of the prior administration. Also, it should be noted that despite several states “legalizing” marijuana, it is still a illegal drug (“controlled substance”) under federal law, so the USAG should be mightily enforcing that federal laws against marijuana trafficking. (Likewise, some Senators, who once promised to “repeal” Obamacare, have been put to the test this week — and some need to think about MENE MENE TEQEL UPHARSIN.


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