Where Is the Anger and Hatred from the Left Coming From?

Sure there is anger on both sides, but it is obvious that most of the intense hatred is coming from the left. Where does that come from? Is it just a hatred for Trump, or are there other reasons?

One video I saw said that it got started on college campuses—where the teachers would actually promote the hatred and encourage students to rebel. I’m sure we have all seen this. Sad!

Another idea is that those on the left view politics differently than those on the right. They have a higher view of politics. Politics to them is a part of their faith. They have been led to believe that this new global agenda that they have come to believe in (which includes the Paris climate accord) is something very close to God and must be regarded as sacred.  And I think Obama has helped to install these beliefs into them.

So when someone like Trump came along and has attempted to tear down all of Obama’s policies and ideas (which they have held as very sacred), this has made them angry. Yes, of course it did! Obama, to the Democrats, was (and still is) like their God. And they have worshipped him and the global agenda. So it stands to reason why they hate us (the republicans). Because to them we are evil. We and our leaders are now in the process of tearing down all their sacred gods. And so we can easily see why, to them, their anger is justified. To them, all that is evil needs to be wiped out. I’m sure that is what James Hodgkinson was thinking when he attempted mass murder at the Virginia ball park. How sad!

Conversely, I think most of those on the right have a different view of politics and government. We worship God alone, not government. Thus we view politics only as a means to carry out God’s will in our country. And most of us I think are against a global agenda or anything that resembles a one world government—which will be led by the antichrist. Sadly, this may be coming sooner than we think.


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2 Responses to Where Is the Anger and Hatred from the Left Coming From?

  1. I will comment on my own post. It occured to me that the people in the city where Gideon lived had the same anger toward Gideon after he tore down the altar’s to Baal as God had instructed him. They were so angry that they wanted to kill him (read Judges 6:30). This is the same kind of anger that the Dems have toward Trump, because he is tearing down all the Democratic altars of worship–all the global agenda stuff, all the altars that Obama has set up. Oh they are so mad they want to kill him. But if we pray for President Trump, he will prevail just as Gideon did.

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