Trump’s Middle East Trip Successful but Media Remains Negative


Many who watched President Trump and the First Lady arrive in Saudi Arabia were in awe of how they were welcomed, as their black limousine was escorted by a parade of majestic horses. It was a beautiful and hopeful picture of what was to come at the summit. Indeed, the President gave the greatest speech of his life in front of 50 Muslim nation leader.

It is such a shame that most major news institutions did not even cover it. Nonetheless it was great and historic, and so was the entire two days that the President was there.  Much was accomplished for peace.  Here are four different positive testimonies of the Saudi trip and the Israel trip:

The Saudi foreign Minister

It was a phenomenal trip! It was phenomenally successful! History was made! He [Trump} attended a historic summit that brought together all the Muslim countries. He changed the nature of the dialogue between the Arab countries and the United States.  He set the foundation for the creation of a partnership to fight extremism and terrorism. Overall, it was an incredible success.


The real story is not the Vatican. It’s not even the Israel trip. It’s the realignment of American policy over Iran, getting this 50 Sunni Nations lined up with Saudi Arabia. This is a new day in the Middle East.  It’s a new Middle East now. America’s back. That’s the story and the consequences are going to be immense.

Newt Gingrich

This is phenomenal! He [Trump] will probably have seen 85 leaders by the time this trip is over. No American President has even done that.  The speech was so powerful; it is clearly the equivalent of Reagan’s Westminster’s speech.

Joel C. Rosenberg on the Saudi Arabia trip

I have never been shy about expressing my concerns about Mr. Trump when necessary. But the President deserves a great deal of credit for going to meet with our Sunni Arab allies in the Mideast and for the speech he delivered yesterday in Saudi Arabia to the leaders of 50 Muslim-majority countries.

Finally we have an American President who wants to project American leadership — that of the world’s only superpower — in the Middle East.

The address was well-crafted and respectful, even nuanced, at times. But it was also clear, honest, and bold. Indeed, it was unlike any speech any American President has ever delivered face to face to the leaders of Saudi Arabia, the Gulf Cooperation Council, Egypt, Jordan and other Muslim countries.

Joel C. Rosenberg on the Israel trip

Let’s be honest. The cynics and haters won’t be able to say one good thing about it. But the only fair analysis is that the President’s two-day visit to Israel was the most successful visit by an American leader to the Jewish State in decades.

It was meticulously planned, remarkably well executed, safe from start to finish, and it accomplished just what it had to. What’s more, the visit didn’t get derailed by unforced errors or unnecessary controversies.

Above all, President Trump’s visit projected the image of a reengaged American superpower in the region, profoundly reset and immensely strengthened the relationship between the U.S. and Israel, so badly strained after the eight years of the Obama administration. This is a very good and highly welcomed development.


Now contrast those testimonies with most of the News media. Here are a few headlines and statements from my own Star Tribune Newspaper in Minneapolis Minnesota.

May 21, about the Saudi trip.

“[The trip] was intended to be a blunt rejection of President Barak Obama’s vision for the region. Obama sought a reconciliation with Iran and negotiated a deal intended to keep Tehran from developing nuclear weapons.”

May 22, about the Saudi trip. Title: Trump’s Saudi speech is silent on human rights

“In a pointed departure from his predecessor, Trump all but promised he would not publically admonish Mideast rules for human rights violations and oppressive reigns.”

May 23, about the Israel trip. Title: Trump seeks to revive delicate peace process

“His [Trump’s] historic gesture…were shadowed even here [at Western Wall] by reminders of Trump’s tumult back home.”


This above is just a very small sample of the liberal reporting. I’ve heard and read much worse stuff. It seems that if there is anything President Trump does that is good and positive, the press will either not report it at all, or they will find something negative about it.  Why is that? Here are…


Three Reasons for Negative or No reporting on President Trump

  1. He is not their candidate choice and they haven’t accepted him as president yet.
  2. Their agenda is to do whatever they can to get rid of him.
  3. Their plan is to do whatever they can to misinform the American people—to make Trump’s approval rating go down. They want the American people to be blinded to Trump’s successes and to see and hear (according to them, the media) all his failures.





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