Five Future Events: from Now until the Tribulation

Studying Bible Prophecy

Ron Rhoads in his book The End Times in Chronological Order, seems to be quite certain of how the next steps of the future, leading up to the Tribulation, will play out. And he is not alone. Others like Joel Rosenberg, Arnold Fruchtenbaum, and Thomas Ice (all whom I admire as prophecy scholars) agree with him. Here are five future events that Ron Rhoads (and myself) sees happening, in Chronological order…


1. The rapture of the Church. Nothing needs to happen before the rapture. And it seems that this event will kick off all of the next major end time events prophecies in scripture.

2. Russia and her allies invade Israel (Ezek. 38-39). With the world being in a state of shock and chaos after the rapture, and with Israel’s only true ally, the United States, greatly reduced in number, Russia and her Muslim…

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