Trump: Busy Doing the Prep Work for America


I’m a house painter. I know all about prep work. Before you can start painting a house to make it look beautiful, you have to do the prep work. And  if the house has been badly neglected—for let’s say 8 years—it will take longer to do the prep work of washing, scraping, patching, sanding, caulking, and priming, etc.

For this first 100 days, our president has been doing prep work—things that need to be done so that we can start the task of building and decorating, to make America great. For the past decade or so, things in the White House, in the government, and in the country, have been going south. I mean things have not only been neglected, but Obama has been purposely (it seems) putting our country in reverse—making it almost impossible to set things in order. He has…

  • Strangled the government and the country with red tape and regulations
  • Tied the hands of our military men and women by unnecessary rules and micromanagement so that they are afraid to do anything.
  • Filled the government with liberal and antichristian leaders
  • Established unlawful policies that encourage criminals to break laws and then hide in unlawful sanctuary cities
  • No military leadership
  • Doubled the country’s debt to 20 Trillion dollars.
  • Given away billions of dollars to our enemy Iran to enhance their nuclear capabilities
  • Been the worst ally to Israel; he has turn his back on Israel

President Trump has been busy cleaning up the mess he has been left with. In his words, “It is a big mess!”  So he has been busy doing the badly needed prep work.  And many think he has been doing a great job.



Trump’s First 100 Day Achievements

Here is a list of what Trump has accomplished so far, with a letter grade.

  1. He has put together a great cabinet; a cabinet that is experienced and well respected. Grade: A++
  2. He is cutting the red tape and getting rid of all the unnecessary regulations. This will enhance the economy and bring in more jobs. Grade: A
  3. He has given us a Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch. Grade: A+
  4. He has been renegotiating job-killing trade deals. Grade: A
  5. He is cracking down on illegal immigration. AG Sessions and Sec. Kelly have been outstanding (And we will build the wall!). Grade A+
  6. Trump has proven to be a great negotiator. He has established great relations with Israel, Egypt, Turkey, and China. The world is already seeing his great leadership ability. Grade: A+
  7. He has reestablished our military might. With leaders like Mad Dog Mattis, we are well on our way to becoming a great power in the world. Grade A+
  8. He has freed our generals to make decisions on their own. Trump is not a micro manager; he trusts his generals (and all his cabinet). They now feel the new freedom to be the military power that they were meant to be. Grade A+
  9. He is pro-life. According to Alveda King, President Trump is “the most pro-life [president] we have ever seen.” She has given him an A
  10. Race relations. Also, Alveda King said that he has been working hard to bring better race relations, and she has given him an A


These are just a few of the things Donald Trump has been doing. And, as I said, most of it is the prep work.  Soon we will start seeing the real work of building begin. It will be exciting. But let’s pray that those who will oppose will not break through to hamper the work.  Just as Nehemiah had to enlist guards to watch over and protect the workers building the wall, Trump may need to do the same for all the work he will be doing—including the actual wall.



Pray for divine protection for Trump and his cabinet as they do the work of government. Pray against all the forces of evil that they will be confused in the evil work and will not be able to come against the will of God. Just as Nehemiah was able to finish the building of the wall in 52 days and to bring badly needed reform to Israel, pray that God will help this president to accomplish all his goals and to establish the work of God for America.


About Stephen Nielsen

I'm an author, a self publisher, and a painting contractor. I live in beautiful Minnesota, USA . Welcome to my blog site.
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