The Border Wall: When Will Construction Begin? Why Do We Need It?


Since congress will not allow money for the wall in this coming budget, the wall will have to wait until September or October. It seems that president Trump is willing to give in to congress; but he still says the wall is going up—it will just be delayed.  As to why we need the wall; I will let the following three sources speak:


AG Jeff Sessions

It [the wall] is going to save huge amount of money. We will save billions of dollars. Deportation costs will be greatly reduced.

The wall will reduce drugs and criminals coming into the country.

We will see the end of illegal immigration.


Arizona Ranchers

Nancy Pelosi says the wall is immoral, expensive and unwise. They say no; the wall is badly needed.

One rancher said, in 30 years border patrols caught half a million coming across the border just on his ranch.

The cartels are bringing drugs and guns over the border.


Kellyanne Conway

The Democrats don’t want Trump to have a victory on building the wall. That’s all it [this delay] is. It’s just politics.


Kansas Sec. of State Chris Kobar

We should not wait till the fall; starting construction will send a message.

It is a huge project. We need to start now.

The American people want the wall.

The Democrats are making an unwise calculation [by delaying the money].


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