Give to him that asketh thee – Matthew 5:42


It was Friday afternoon. I was just finishing up my taxes for last year, when I got a call from my sister. She asked me if I would help her get her house ready for selling. I would do mostly painting. I grudgingly said I could probably come on Saturday. I really didn’t want to though.  I was looking forward to enjoying the day off, maybe go for a walk and do some photography. It was going to be a warm and sunny day—in the seventies!

How dare she ask me to do her work, I said to myself. It’s her house. Why can’t she take care of her own house? Why is she expecting other people to help her? I would never do that. I would schedule my time so that I could take care of it myself.

Well, I was going on and on with these mental complaints, and I was also complaining to God about it, when suddenly a familiar verse came to my mind: “Give to him that asketh thee and to him that would borrow of thee turn not away.

I couldn’t remember where the verse was found in the bible, so I quickly went to a concordance, and I found the verse right away. Of course, it was in Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount. I read the entire passage.

Matthew 5:40-42

40 And if any man will sue thee at the law, and take away thy coat, let him have thy cloke also.

41 And whosoever shall compel thee to go a mile, go with him twain.

42 Give to him that asketh thee, and from him that would borrow of thee turn not thou away.

The more I thought about what I was reading, the more my complaints vanished away. God was telling me to be more selfless; that as a Christian, I should be willing to deny myself personal rights in order to help someone else.  It is what Christ would do and what I should do too.

I slept well that night and was ready to go to work the next day. And when tomorrow came my willingness to serve remained. All during the day I felt good about helping my sister, and really about doing the Lord’s work.  It was a good day.


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I'm an author, a self publisher, and a painting contractor. I live in beautiful Minnesota, USA . Welcome to my blog site.
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6 Responses to Give to him that asketh thee – Matthew 5:42

  1. womenoprayer says:

    It is good to have a servant heart,showing love and support.There will be many a tommorow but not an opportunity to be of service and in doing so showing God’s love.


  2. JJSJ says:

    That’s quite a realistic picture that you “paint”, of our fallen-yet-being-redeemed heart condition, Stephen. The Lord not only saves our sinful selves from Hell and selfishness, He saves us unto a noble quality of life, honoring God by using our talents to serve others, in love (Galatians 5:16). That is why we have a satisfied mind when we use our talents to help others, in a good project. Being created in God’s image it is our proper destiny and joy to act like God, and God is so kind.

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  3. Ouch! How many times have I experienced the very same thing! And when I follow through in obedience, I “feel” the smile of God on me — I receive a greater blessing than what I gave.


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