America at the Crossroads: Will there be Revival in America?


America is presently going in two different directions. On the positive side, we are seeing new manufacturing, mining, and oil and gas returning—with less of the unneeded restrictions.  And this will produce many needed jobs for our people.  We are also starting to crack down on crime and illegal immigration; and we are getting our police and border patrols back to work as they should be.  President Trump and his staff are doing many things that will bring back greatness, freedom and safety to America.

But on the negative side, America is faced with many foes, within and without.


America’s External Enemies

Our external enemies are ISIS, Russia, North Korea, and China. All military reports indicate that we can defeat (eliminate) ISIS quite handily; it is just a matter of time and having a good plan in place. But Russia, North Korea and China are more difficult, mainly because they have nuclear weapons. And we know from bible prophecy that wars will continue until the end.  I don’t see that there will be any real peace until the millennial kingdom when Jesus Christ will reign.


America’s Internal Enemies

America’s internal strife seems even more troublesome. Even though with all the positive signs of the new Trump administration, we are seeing the Democrats, most of the media, and even some of the Republican Party constantly fighting against Trump and all that he is doing. Why? Well, we can obviously see that the Democrats are sore losers; and they are liberals. But I want to address an issue that all people don’t know about. The issue is this: Obama has been organizing a group (a “shadow government”) called “Organizing for Action” (OFA).  This group presently has about 30,000 activists, and their mission is to oppose Trump, to abolish the present Republican government, and to replace it.  They want to replace it with a government of inclusion and diversity and without boarders (Oh, I’m sure they are hating the wall that is going up!). Their goal is a one world system, and what I have heard is that Obama wants Saria Law with the Muslim Brotherhood.

Here are some of the things that they are doing or are willing to do to achieve their objectives:

  • They will disregard any Federal or Constitutional laws.
  • They will lie; they learn how to lie and cover up.
  • Many of the super-rich are giving large amounts of money to fight this Trump government. So far there is a record amount of fundraising for the left, and for Obama.
  • The Muslim Brotherhood and Saria Law has been infiltrating our Schools and all levels of government. They are working to change everything.
  • They have been infiltrating our classified information. We have proof now that the Dems have been hacking into the Republican server at Trump Tower to get classified information and then it was released into the public from a surveillance—a much worse crime than Watergate.


America’s Ultimate Enemy

Satan is behind it all. He is using demons, the Muslim Brotherhood, the Democratic Party, and the Media as his puppets to so all his dirty work.  And keep in mind that ISIS is also backed by the Muslim Brotherhood (no wonder Obama was so soft on them). What is going on now is so dangerous and evil—because it is all demonic. And they (all who are under Satan’s control) will stop at nothing, including lying, deceiving, and even murder to meet their goals.


Why There Is Still a Reason to Have Hope for Revival

Here are three reason why America may experience a Christian revival very soon.

1. All the chaos this country is experiencing now, from without and from within, may be what God has designed (or allowed) to humble us and turn us to Him in prayer. Humility is always the first step to revival. And then when we admit our sins and are converted, we will be ready for His help and blessing.

2. All that Trump is doing to bring this country back to its greatness and safety is partly how God will bless this country and also give us new freedom to worship Him. Yes, I believe God may be using Donald Trump to bring America a great blessing.

3. If President Trump continues to have a favorable status with Israel, God has promised in His word that He will bring a blessing to us.

In Genesis 12:3 He promised, “And I will bless those who bless you…”

But if Trump is not favorable to Israel, I’m afraid that all hope for America may be lost, for here is second part of God’s promise: “…and the one who curses you I will curse.”



About Stephen Nielsen

I'm an author, a self publisher, and a painting contractor. I live in beautiful Minnesota, USA . Welcome to my blog site.
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