Human Trafficking: President Trump to Combat this Epidemic



A Trump Tweet on Feb. 24, 2017

Trump vows to fight “epidemic’ of human trafficking


From AP The Big Story, Feb. 23, 2017,


WASHINGTON (AP) — President Donald Trump says he will bring the “full force and weight” of the U.S. government to combat an “epidemic” of human trafficking.

The president is meeting at the White House with senior advisers and representatives of organizations that deal with trafficking. His daughter, Ivanka Trump, is among those in attendance.

Trump calls human trafficking a problem that is “not talked about enough.” He says he will order the departments of Justice and Homeland Security to take a hard look at the resources they are devoting to addressing the issue.


Human trafficking I think is one of the worse evils in our world and in our country. It is a…

  • $32 billion industry
  • The two main categories are forced labor and sexual exploitation
  • The victims are mostly children and young people, and of those mostly are girls


Why do people do this? Don’t they realize how evil and abusive this is to our children? Well I suppose it is because people get so blinded by their greed that all they see is money and power and their own pleasure. They don’t think about the suffering of the victims. And no doubt they are controlled by the devil.



All Christian everywhere, please pray for this issue. As President Trump, His senior advisors, and the representative of organizations that are concerned with this problem meet together, pray that they would be able to come up with some solutions. Pray that God would give them wisdom. And pray that they would realize that only God can root out this evil, and that we all must turn to Him in prayer.




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