Melania Leads America in Prayer

melania-prayedLet us pray: “Our Father which art in Heaven…”


Many have criticized the First Lady for offering the Lord’s Prayer before her husband’s rally in Florida. They say it was a violation of the separation of church and state (not really); or it was hypocritical because they say she shouldn’t have had to read it off of a piece of paper (really?). Those are just two of the critical and false comments I have heard.

But there is so much we can say that is positive and true about it. My first impression is that she was extremely courageous and bold. Clearly she is not afraid of any backlash. She must get that Donald. In addition to her courage, here are six reason why I think she prayed the Lord’s Prayer:

  1. She sincerely wants America to be more connected to God—to be more godly.
  2. She wants Americans to turn to God and pray.
  3. She wants America to return to being a more Christian Nation and to return to prayer.
  4. It was her way of dedicating the rally to God.
  5. She wants her husband and President and his administration to be God centered.
  6. She wants America to know that she is a believer in God and not what many people think she is.

Again, I think Melania our First Lady was very courageous in what she did, and I hope and pray that many follow her good example.


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