Holdovers from the Obama Administration Causing Trouble

U.S. President Donald Trump speaks on the phone with Vladimir Putin, Russia's president, during the first official phone talks in the Oval Office of the White House in Washington, D.C. on Saturday, Jan. 28, 2017.(Pete Marovich/Bloomberg/Getty Images)


According to a Fox News report on 2/6/2017,


Trump, speaking to Fox News, accused “Obama people” of giving news organizations embarrassing details of his recent tense phone conversations with his Australian and Mexican counterparts, and said that the holdovers from the Obama administration still serving on his White House and National Security Council staff were being replaced.

“It’s a disgrace that they leaked because it’s very much against our country,” Trump said, without stating why he believed that career civil servants who work in Democratic and Republican administrations were the source of the leaks. “It’s a very dangerous thing for this country,” he said.

Trump said that media reports of what appeared to be angry exchanges between him and the two foreign leaders had been mischaracterized, and insisted that he had “positive” relations with both countries and their leaders.


Whoever it was who was leaking false information—FAKE NEWS—it is not good that Obama people are still around in the white house. They have all got to go, now! It is too dangerous for our country to have them around. Why are they still working in the white house?

One of the faults that I have noticed about President Trump is that he is just too trusting of people. He has been far too trusting of Obama and also of the Clintons. He once said that they are good people. Well they are not. Not at all.


Lord, give President Trump a wise and discerning heart when dealing with people, especially with leaders and with those of influence. And help him to seek those around him who are more discerning.


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